Finlayson Pampula duvet cover set, black/white

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Finlayson Pampula duvet cover set, black-and-white

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Is there something nostalgic about it? Certainly a little, but in a more modern and fresh way. Pampula is a great updated version of Finnish textile pattern design's golden times. On top of the duvet cover there are hand holes at the edges that make placing the cover on top of the blanket a lot easier.

The duvet cover is made from high-quality cotton thin linen and it feels extremely comfortable to sleep with.

  • Size of the duvet cover: 150x210cm, size of the pillow cover: 55x65cm
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • The color of the product is apricot / turquoise
  • Normal washing in 60°C degrees
  • Safe for easily allergic people too

Manufacturer: Finlayson

Categories: Home Textiles • Bed Linen

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