Finlayson Moomin Forest Moomin big hand towel 50x70cm, light green

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Finlayson Moomin Forest Moomin big hand towel 50x70cm, light green

The color of the towel is beautiful broken light green.

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Charming Forest Moomin is based on the story Moominpappa's memoirs. Young Moominpappa has escaped from the orphanage to go an live a life that is more suited to him. The morning sun shines brightly after a terrifying nightly escape journey made on a boat called Oshun Oxtra. As the young Moominpappa is enjoying his newfound freedom he travels in the forest while admiring the beauty of the nature. On the next day he has come across a place suitable for him, and that is where he builds his house.

Jacquard-woven Forest Moomin -towel is made from durable quality dyed yarn. The wonderful quality of these towels is the result from a long and well-planned product development: a towel with all the qualities that are all polished to perfection. The towels have the perfect quality that is pleasant to touch, their drying capability is exemplar and they can endure the hardest wear and tear. Check also the other Forest Moomin -products.

The towels have a 5-year warranty and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX -certificate. Together these things mean that the product is high-quality and safe for the user and it does not contain any dangerous or harming chemicals.

  • Size: 50x70cm (attention! bigger than a regular hand towel)
  • Material: 100 % cotton
  • Wash with similarly colored clothing in 60°C degrees.  To ensure the best possible absorption capacity avoid using fabric softener. Shrinks max 8%. We recommend washing before the first use.

Finlayson's Moomin products are designed based on Tove Jansson's original drawings and they are authentic ©Moomin Characters™ licenced products.

Manufacturer: Finlayson

Categories: Moomin products • Moomin towels • Sauna & Bathroom

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