Finlayson Boat trip duvet cover set

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Finlayson Boat trip duvet cover set

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Help Moomins to save the Baltic Sea. The sea has always had a big role in the world of the Moomins – it presents freedom and adventure, but a rising number of people are worried for the condition of the Baltic Sea. To celebrate the Moomin 75-anniversary year Moomins and John Nurminen -foundation together have started #OURSEA campaign that raises funds for protection of Baltic Sea

  • The hand holes on top edges of the duvet cover help you to put the cover on the blanket 
  • Size of the duvet cover: 150x210cm, size of the pillow cover: 50x60cm
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Normal washing in +60°C degrees, shrinks max. 6%

Manufacturer: Finlayson

Categories: Home Textiles • Bed Linen

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