Enkelin Eväspussi

Enkelin Eväspussi products are lovely and greatly appreciated gifts. The adorable characters and the delightful texts make for lovely gifts for mums, dads, grandpas, grandmas, friends and colleagues. There is a fitting product for every festivity. Enkelin eväspussi has a selection of delicious chocolate, liquorice and other sweets, all handmade in Finland. The popular flavoured coffees and teas have also been in selection for years. These have been some of the most popular house warming gifts. Our store has also a bunch of traditional gift products like towels, seat covers, coffee jars and mugs. You’ll be sure to find the best gift from here. Our selection varies by seasons. 


Enkelin eväspussi - mug in a gift package, different options

Enkelin eväspussi - mug in a gift package, different options.

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