Ekelund Tomtemöte kitchen towel 40x60cm

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Ekelund Tomtemöte gnome tea towel 40x60cm.

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Christmas elf -themed kitchen dish towel brings Christmas spirit to your home and livens up your kitchen!'

Ekelund's dish towels only get better the more they're used.
Very absorbent towel is also ecological, you can wash is and reuse it countless times.
The towel stays scent-free and it's an antibacterial cloth. You'll no longer need any other kitchen towel.
Perfect size for kitchen and it's also easy on the eyes. 

Ekelund's new towels are produced from high-quality organic cotton and the products have a GOTS-certificate. GOTS is a global certificate of organic fiber textiles. The certificate guarantees that the production chain fulfills the stricktest of criteria. Many of the other organic marks evaluate only the materials used during the production, but the GOTS-certificate takes the entire production chain into account, from the raw materials to the production, packages and deliveries. GOTS is an eco-friendly choice - Be part of the change!

  • 100% cotton
  • Quality production from Swedish Ekelund
  • Washing instructions:  60 degrees, no tumble dry, do not whiten with chlorine, ironing with three dots
  • Measurements: 40 X 60 cm

Manufacturer: Ekelund

Categories: Home textiles • Hand towels & Kitchen towels 

We ship worldwide! • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


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