Ekelund Moomin organic cotton kitchen towel "Daydream" 35x50cm

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Ekelund Moomin organic cotton kitchen towel "Daydream" 35x50cm

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Ekelund's stylish green-white Snufkin's kitchen towel is suitable for hand towel and a kitchen towel. The more you wash and use it, the better the towel gets.

Ekelund is a swedish brand with a long tradition. Ekelund's fabrics have already been manufactured for ten generations. Ekelund does not practise mass production, all the fabrics and cloths are created with traditional weaving technique, which guarantees the good quality and ecologity.

  • Measurements: 35x50cm
  • Material: 100% organic cotton

Ekelund's new towels are produced from high-quality organic cotton and the products have a GOTS-certificate. GOTS is a global certificate of organic fiber textiles. The certificate guarantees that the production chain fulfills the stricktest of criteria. Many of the other organic marks evaluate only the materials used during the production, but the GOTS-certificate takes the entire production chain into account, from the raw materials to the production, packages and deliveries. GOTS is an eco-friendly choice - Be part of the change!

Manufacturer: Ekelund

Categories: Home textiles • Hand towels & Kitchen towels • Moomin towels

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