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Absolutely stellar soft blanket with a hoodie.

Perfect for casual at-home evenings.

Attention! Deliveries start on the week 45, so if you order other products, the entire order will be delivered after the cozees have arrived to our warehouse. If you order the products separately, the other products will arrive as soon as possible and the cozee afterwards once they're available.

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When you combine a comfy hoodie and a warm blanket, you get a Cozee! Cozee is a perfectly soft piece of clothing for relaxing and lazy at-home evenings. Wearing a Cozee feels like wrapping in a warm blanket - except you can move a lot easier! The cute hoodie covers your head nicely and hides you away from the sad things in the world. The cozee also has a huge pocket for warming your hands or perhaps for hiding your snacks and treats.

The Cozees are adorned with adorable Moomin illustrations!

  • A huge and soft hood: Feels super comfortable and you can use it as a pillow as well!
  • An enormous pocket: Special pocket – due to its huge size and shape the pocket can keep your hands warm and keep all your essentials safe (snacks, a phone, pets  – anything!)
  • Overly-sized sleeves and ribbings at the sleeve-ends: Our over-sized sleeves are designed so that you can easily slide your hands out of them and turn the Cozee into the perfect blanket to huddle up in 
  • Marierial: The outer layer is super soft fleece-microfiber and the inner side is quality fluffy sherpa fleece. Fully vegan and ethically produced.
  • Machine washable: When you toss it into a washing machine you'll get it back as good as new
  • Recyclable packaging: Every Cozee comes in a package that is 100% made from recycled materials.
  • Outer fabric: 100% Coral Fleece
  • Inner fabric: 100% Sherpa Fleece
  • Machine wash 30°
  • No ironing
  • No tumble drying

Manufacturer: Cozee

Categories: Women's clothing • Nightwear & Pyjamas • Moomin clothing & accessories

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