Candle Light Story Vinegar for linen, Provencian Lavender 500ml


Candle Light Story Laundry vinegar, Provencian Lavender 500ml.

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Candle Light Story -laundry vinegars are handmade small production from Nurmijärvi made from domestic Rajamäki spirit vinegar. The package material is recyclable PET-plastic.

With Candle Light Story - linen vinegar you can freshen up your laundry naturally. The laundry vinegar will treat your textiles and will also clean your washing machine from precipitates. Use the vinegar for linen in place of a faric softener and place and amount of approx. 2 tbsp – 5 tbsp, depending on the laundry, to the softener dispenser.

Provencian Lavender scent will take you straight to the lavender fields with its mesmerizing scent. The intensity of the scent is medium.

  • Size: 500ml
  • Handmade in Finland

INC: <10 % acetic acid, aqua, and essential oils of lavandula angustifolia and rosmarinus officinalis.

Manufacturer: Candle Light Story

Categories: Cosmetics & Housekeeping • House cleaning

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