Candle Light Story Cleaning spray, Moroccan Mint 500ml


Candle Light Story Cleaning spray, Moroccan Mint 500ml

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Spirit vinegar -based cleaning spray for cleaning different surfaces of your home. The spray contains only 100% essential oils and natural ingredients, making the cleaning pleasant. This domestic product is manufactured in small production in Nurmijärvi, Finland. Spirit vinegar is acidic and for this reason it is not recommended for cleaning polyacrylate, aluminum, marble, limestone and not for old enamel basins. The package material is recyclable PET-plastic.

Spray on the surface that needs to be cleaned and wipe with a moist cloth. No need for rinsing.

  • Size: 500ml
  • Moroccan Mint
  • Handmade in Finland

INCI: aqua,  acetic acid, sodium chloride, decyl glucoside, mentha piperita (peppermint essential oil) , eucalyptus globulus leaf essential oil.

Manufacturer: Candle Light Story

Categories: House cleaning

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