Candle Light Story Cleaning soap bar, Moroccan Mint 130g


Candle Light Story Cleaning soap bar, Moroccan Mint 130g

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Coconut oil -based cleaning soap cleans your home effectively and naturally, from kitchen to bathroom. Scrub the moist cleaning cloth or washing sponge, froth and clean the surfaces. Ideal for example ceramic stoves, faucets, chrome- and roster surfaces, because the soap won't leave smudges or stripes on the surfaces. Removes effectively stubborn dirt or oily dirt. Can also be rubber directly onto dirty clothing and let it sit for a while before machine washing. The cleaning soap can also be used outside the home, t.ex. for washing a hot tub, garden furniture, rugs and carpets or hobby instruments. You can also scrape about the amount of a tablespoonful, dissolve it into warm water and use as a cleaning spray. Long-lasting, natural and effective cleaner.

How does the cleaning soap differ from the regular soap meant for skin?

The soaps meant for skin contain fat that has not saponified due to excess of oils, which makes them gentle and caring for the skin. The cleaning soap contains no excess fat, instead all the oils will saponify with the lye* and makes it long-lasting, hard and very effective cleaning soap. For this reason it's not recommended to use the soap for cleaning the skin. The cleaning soap is not harmful for skin or when inhaled, unlike many other cleaning chemicals that contain strong substances.

* Together with lye the coconut oil will saponify, meaning it turns into soap and the ready soap will no longer contain any lye.

  • Size: 130g
  • Moroccan Mint
  • Handmade in Finland

INCI: sodium cocoate , aqua, mentha piperita (peppermint essential oil), titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide (natural mica-color).

Manufacturer: Candle Light Story

Categories: House cleaning

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