Caamoz is a group of Finnish professionals from various fields ranging from top designers to genuine adventurers. They are all good friends and we love our work. 
The co-operation with the Moomin brand enables combine one of the most famous Finnish brands with fashionable, practical and durable products. This long-term and ambitious project, which they started about a year ago, is about to take a giant step forward with their first Moomin range soon to become available. 
They are proud to present to you the first waterproof Moomin bags for year-round use.


Caamoz drybag 5l Moomin, white

Caamoz drybag 5l Moomin, white

Moomin-themed waterproof Moomin by Caamoz -bags are well-suited for sailing, hiking, outdoors sports and any sport where the weather is not stopping you. Practical bag will keep all your items and gadgets dry during the trip. Stylish bag can also be used in everyday city-life. 5L-sized drybag is a good size for children's hobbies but looks good on an adult as well. From our selection you can find a 15L-sized drybag as well.  

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