Moomin soft tapestry shoulder bag, My in Basket, green

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Moomin soft tapestry shoulder bag, My in Basket, green

This beautiful black-and-white tapestry bag is brightened up with a sprinkle of green color.

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These bags made from soft tapestry are sturdy and can endure wear and tear. Gobellin tapestry fabric is made in Belgium and the bags are put together in Finland. The bag is tapestry with Tove Jansson's original artwork on both sides. Luxurious tapestry is durable and striking material, which highlights the beauty of Tove Jansson's illustrations. You'll love it!

On the bag's illustration there's a nostalgic picture of Little My sleeping in a basket (My in Basket).

This fabric brings together centuries old craftsmanship skills and modern innovations and designs. Dry cleaning or water wash in 30C degrees. Gobellin fabric and long black handles are ideal for carrying the bag on your shoulder.

  • Measurements: 34x47 cm, long handles that allow you to carry the back on your shoulder
  • Material: 43% polyester, 35% rayon, 22% cotton
  • The bag is put together in Finland, the tapestry is made in Belgium 

Manufacturer: Aurora Decorari

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