Anekke India makeup bag / clutch bag

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Anekke India make up bag / wrist bag

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I am Anekke, I would like to be a part of your memories, your nostalgia and those beautiful moments caught in time that you relive when you start to dream.

I have been created to bring peace to you and to help relaying beautiful feelings like love and friendship. People say I have that romantic air of tenderness and innocence that leads you to a magical world full of dreams.

I am loving but enigmatic, which makes everybody curious about who I am for real,  where I come from and what my secrets are...  Secrets that you will discover...

  • The makeup bag has gorgeous details and the coloring goes well tigether with almost any outfit 
  • Plenty of space on the inside for makeup, coins or other tiny items
  • Comes with a carrying handle that is attached to the zipper 
  • Text: Travelling with Anekke to India
  • Measurements of the bag: 19x3x11 cm
  • Material: faux leather

Manufacturer / Brand: Anekke

In Finland you can get Anekke-products only from us!

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