Aada & Artturi reflective shopper bag, Horror story

Product Code: AAD005

Aada & Artturi reflector shopping bag, Horror story

12.90 €

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Funny and lovely shopper made from a reflective material with a text: Shortest horror story ever - SOLD OUT! With a reflective shopping bag you can carry your shoppings safely home. The product is not a guaranteed protective reflector, so remember to always use CE-marked reflector or a reflective vest!

  • Size: 36 x 41cm
  • Shoulder straps approx. 65cm

Aada & Artturi -series' products only from our Ihanaiset web shop!

Manufacturer: Ihanaiset.fi / Aada & Artturi

Categories: Handbags & Wallets • Shoppers & Tote bags

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