Graphic poster - Dad you're dear, prices start at 7.90€

Product Code: XER135-LJ001ISKÄ

Graphic poster - Iskä olet rakas, prices start at 7.90€

Remember father daddy with a touching poster that you can get the frames for from us as well.

6.90 €

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Heartwarming poster for a dad. A great gift idea or a decoration at home to lighten the mood and to remind how important your father is. Available in sizes A4 and A3.

The posters are printed on a silky and sturdy pasteboard with a slightly warm white base color. The warm base color fits better in almost any home, since it doesn't have the blue tinge that regular pure white color has. We are using Finnish cardboard.

  • A4 (21x29,7cm)
  • A3 (29,7x42cm)
  • Text on the poster: Iskä olet rakas (translation: Dad you're beloved)
  • Made in Finland

Did you notice that you can now buy our posters with frames? Click the word FRAMES to see all our lovely poster frames!

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