Tove Jansson: Magic Winter (revised edition)

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Tove Jansson: Taikatalvi (uudistettu painos)

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Beloved Moomin classics in a beautiful renewed series-style.

A book in Finnish about Moomintroll who wakes from his hibernation and ends up in the middle of a new and mysterious season.

Since long ago the Moomins have hibernated during the winter, from November to spring. But on one winter something peculiar happens, something that hasn't been seen or heard after the first Moomin started their slumber during the winter. Moomintroll wakes up and can't fall asleep! After trying and failing to wake her mother up, he climbs up on the roof and slides into the white, cold and silent world. That's where his Magic Winter begins - an unknown time of the year filled with dangers and mysterious creatures. But the winter also wakes newfound independence and bravery in Moomintroll.

  • Written in Finnish!
  • 133 pages
  • Hardcover book
  • Age recommendation: 7+

Publisher: WSOY

Categories: Moomin books

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