Moomin stacking cups Moomin house

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Moomin stacking cups Moomin house

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Moomin stacking house is suitable for children of all ages. The cup Moomin house is easy to stack up and maintain. You can stack the cups inside each other (nestling cups) so they take up very little space but when stacked you can build a gorgeous tall tower from where you can find many familiar characters of Moominvalley.

Stackable cups/cans are challenging for the little ones and only the imagination is the limit while playing with them: You can stack a tower and Moomin house or pots, dishes, parts of the tower, hats – whatever they come up with. A lovely gift idea for a little friend of Moomins.

  • 8 parts
  • Stacked up height  55cm, packed/ nesting cups height: 18cm
  • Suitable for people of all ages
  • Material: PVC plastic

Manufaturer: Martinex

Categories: Children's games & toysToy sets

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