Moomin game Moomin Jam Chase

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Funny Moomin game Muumien hillojahti is suitable for even the little ones of the family.

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Funny accuracy game is meant even for the youngest of players, since the goal is to gather all the missing incredients by rolling the basket and delivering the ingredients to Moominmamma in Moominhouse as fast as possible! The game is on - who has the best finger dexterity, luck and accuracy?

Moominmamma is planning on making delicious jam but the ingredients are missing. Help Moominmamma to collect all the berries and fruits for the jam to make some cake - and to store for winter. The jam tastes delicious even on pancakes or bread. Yummy!

The game starts by assembling the game board like a jigsaw puzzle, and the Moominhouse is placed at the end of the game board: Each player takes a jam jar and 6 different berry- and fruit pieces. Next you roll the Moominmamma's basket on the game board, and aim to hit on the plots of land. Once you land on the plot, you'll get the specific berry or the fruit of the said plot. Once your basket is full, you have to roll the basket inside Moominhouse through the door during your turn. The first one to deliver the basket to Moominmamma is the winner - and Moominmamma gets to start making the jam. Enjoy the game!

  • 2-4 players
  • Age regommendation +4years
  • Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish

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