Tactic Moomin game Party

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Tactic Moomin game "Kekkerit"

Funny and awesome Moomin game for the entire family.

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It's time to party Moominvalley style!

When partying with Moomins you'll get to explain and act out all the familiar characters of Moominvalley, and then guess who other players are acting as. Mymble's siblings have arrived to the party, so occationally you'll have to find those little tricksters. But watch out for Stinky, he's hiding among them!

The first one to reach the fireworks at the end of the game route  will be crowned as the hero of the party.

Includes: Game board (5 parts and a plastic pin), 6 game pieces + gamer marks, 50 cards, a notebook, a pen, hourglass, plastic band, stickers, rules/instructions.

Rules in: finnish, swedish and english

Manufacturer: Tactic

Categories: Moomin games & Moomin puzzles • Children's games

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