Muurla Chop & Serve Serving/Cutting board Moomin Harvest season 23x44cm, two-sided

Product Code: MUU388-2700-2344-03

Muurla Chop & Serve Serving tray /chopping board Moomin Satokausi 23x44cm, two-sided

37.00 €

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A delicious scent of great food and treats is spreading in the Moominhouse! What lovely food is the Moomin family cooking today?

With lovely Chop & Serve -chopping boards you can both prepare the food and serve it by simply turning the board around. On the surfaces of the boards you can see lovely Moomin illustrations in two different colors, and you can choose the suitable color by the style of your table setting.

  • Size 23 x 44 cm
  • Handmade in Finland
  • Material: Birch veneer.

Manufacturer: Muurla, Finland

Categories: Kitchen • Trays & Serving 

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