Moomin Alias 2019 game

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Moomin Alias 2019 game

Languages: finnish, swedish and english

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The entire Moominhouse is jumbled up and the items must be cleaned back to their original places. Spin the wheel, climb up the stairs and explain to other gamers what kind of items you find from the cards. Every item can also be found on the board game so that guessing and explaining is easier than ever.

Alias board game with a Moomin theme. Find the words from the mess of a Moominhouse. New Moomin Alias is suitable for the entire family.

  • 3-4 players
  • Includes: Game board, 128 cards, 4 game characters (Moomin), spinner and rules
  • Suitable for over 3-year-olds
  • Made in Finland
  • Rules in finnish, swedish and english

Manufacturer: Tactic

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