House of Disaster Moomin hot water bottle, Love

Product Code: DIS291-MMHWBLOVE

House of Disaster Moomin hot water bottle, Love

Adorable Moomin hot water bottle for Moomin fans and people who easily feel chilly.

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Hot water bottles are great for all those who start easily feeling cold. The hot water bottle is simply filled with hot water and it has a watertight lid. The bottle is then put in a lovely Moomin-themed woven bottle bag and a cute warmer is ready. Warms pleasantly your cold feet and arms under the blanket. Also ideal for a child stroller during chilly days.

You can fit 0,8l of warm water in the bag.

  • Outer measurements: 26x15,5cm
  • Material: the bottle s made from rubber, the top acrylic/cotton/polyester
  • Pleasre note that you must always be careful with hot water and read the instructions before use

Manufacturer: Disaster Designs

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