Finlayson big bath towel 90x180cm, Snufkin fishing

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Finlayson huge x-large bath towel 90x180cm, Snufkin fishing

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A bath towel that is bigger than your average size towels is ideal for people who get chilly easily. Wrap yourself in the towel as Snufkin is fishing at the lake. Snufkin fishing -towel was designed by Finlayson and it's made from 100% quality cotton.

  • The product is tested for chemicals and Oeko-Tex certified 
  • A hanging loop on the longer side of the towel
  • Designed in Finland. Made in Belgium
  • Wash in 60C. Wash with similarly colored clothing in a full machine, To ensure the best possible absorbtion ability, avoid using fabric softener. Shrinks max 8 %

Manufacturer: Finlayson

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