Muurla enamel mug Wild meadow, 3,7dl

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Muurla enamel mug "Villinitty", 3,7dl

Harmonious and beautiful Wild Meadow -series is welcomed to any home.

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Wild Meadow -series has gotten its inspiration from the flora of a wild field, such as nettles and pea pod plants. Designed by Noora Eerikäinen.

The heart of Muurla's enamel product is made from carbon steel with a double enamel coating. The products are durable, practical and light. They are suited for the regular table settings but also for all kinds of outdoor use - take them on a trip, to a cottage or a boat. Collect all the Muurla's Wild Meadow products!

  • Capacity3,7dl
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher
  • No microwave use

Manufacturer: Muurla, Finland

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