Moomin mini thermos bottle / flask Too-ticky's Christmas

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Moomin little thermos bottle / flask Moominvalley Midwinter

Packed in a stylish gift box.

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Give something fun as a gift! Tiny thermos bottle that is actually the size of a flask will certainly make the gift receiver break into a smile. You can take warm mulled wine with you but keeps also something little stronger cool when necessary. Please note that the size is indeed similar to that of a pocket flask and can easily be carried along in a bag.

On the thermos bottles' design you can see Moomins in enjoying the Christmas spirit.

  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Height: 14,5cm
  • Material: steel

Check here to see the entire Too-Ticky's Christmas -series!

Manufacturer: Martinex

Categories: Kitchen • Christmas

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