Arabia Moomin mug 2017 Summer theater

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Arabia Moomin mug 2017 Summer theater

Seasonal product and on sale for a limited time only.

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Moominvalley is flooded and the moomins have escaped to safety on a peculiar structure, where they are introduced to the mysteries of theatre and acting. Moomins find a drifting theatre, where Moominpappa decides to create a play for all the moomins to act in. 

The illustration on the mug is designed by Tove Slotte, who used Tove Janssons original illustrations as her inspiration. Moomin mug's delightful colours bring the needed colour to summer's settings. Our shop sells matching Summer Teather plate which are also a seasonal product and are sold for a limited time.

Arabia's Moomin dishes are durable and timeless. They are lovely gifts for yourself or for someone else. Practical dishes make always a delightful gift.

Please note that the Summer Teather Moomin mugs are tagged with three different coloured seasonal stickers: light pink, green and gold. Which one will you get? If you wish, you can buy a box of 6 mugs, which has two of each colour. 

Mug's capacity/volume 0,3l.

  • porcelain
  • stands microwave use
  • stands oven use, max 250 degrees
  • stands frost and cold
  • can be washed in a dishwasher

Manufacturer: Arabia

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