Pluto Produkter dishtowel cats

Product Code: PLU155-HD413

Pluto Produkter kitchen towel cats

Delight yourself or a cat-fan with a funny Cats -kitchen towel. 

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Brighten up your kitchen stylishly with this funny black-and-white kitchen towel. Match the towel with a dishcloth of the same series and then you'll have a nice set for working in the kitchen or perhaps a wonderful gift for someone.

Check here to see Pluto Produkter's cat-products.

  • Measurements: 50 x 70 cm
  • Material: 100% cotton

Manufacturer: Pluto Produkter

Categories: Home textiles • Dishcloths

We ship worldwide! • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


Osastot: Keittiötarvikkeet • Käsi- & keittiöpyyhkeet

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