Moomin Mug Under the Christmas Tree 2013

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Moomin Mug Under the Christmas Tree 2013

Season Mug 2013 - Limited availability. Production ended June 2013.

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The winter season Moomin mug for 2013 is called Under the Christmas tree and is inspired by the story of the Aunt visiting the Moomin Valley. In the homonymous story the Moomintrolls are not happy about the Aunt's visit and want her to go home. In order to make it happen, they tell her they are not used to celebrate Christmas. When the Aunt leaves the Moomin Valley, they secretly celebrate in the basement but, after celebrating, they feel guilty and decide to look for her. They find the Aunt in the wood where she has decorated her own beautiful Christmas tree. Finally the Christmas party starts over with everyone gathered together to dance around the beautiful Christmas tree and drink mulled wine. 

Arabia's discontinued Moomin mugs are extremely popular and desired collectible items. In our store you can find past seasonal mugs, and other mugs which are no longer produced. All our mugs are new and have all the stickers in place. Have you already collected them all?

Mug's capacity/volume 0,3l.

  • porcelain
  • stands microwave use
  • stands oven use, max 250 degrees
  • stands frost and cold
  • can be washed in a dishwasher

Manufacturer: Arabia

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