Muurla Take away silicone lid for an enamel mug

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Muurla Take away silicone lid

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A great addition to Muurla's enamel mugs and tumblers. 

The take away silicone lid prevents the drink from spilling and keeps it hot longer. Take your drink with you in your car, on a trip or to work. It's an ecological alternative to disposable cardboard mugs. 

The machinewashable lid can be put on Muurla's 3.7dl enamel mugs and all the enamel tumblers. Please notice that the lid can't be used on enamel mugs of the capacities of 2.5dl and 1.5dl. Check out the picture to see which Muurla items you can use the lid with.

Wash before use.

Manufacturer: Muurla

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