Ekelund kitchen towel Grodor, 30x25cm

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Funny frog-themed high-quality tea towel.

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Ekelund's tea towels only get better the more they are used. The towels are 50% cotton and 50% bamboo rayon. The greatly absorbent towel is also ecological, you can wash it and re-use it countless times. Ekelund¨s quality towels have been granted the "Textile of the year 2009" -title. Stays scent-free and it's antibacterial cloth. You'll no longer need any other kitchen towel. Perfect size for a kitchen and easy on the eyes.

Ekelund is a Swedish brand with a long tradition. Ekelund's fabrics have already been manufactured for ten generations. Ekelund does not practise mass production, all the fabrics and cloths are created with traditional weaving technique, which guarantees the good quality and ecologity.

  • Measurements: 30 X 25 cm
  • Material: 50% organic cotton, 50% bamboo rayon

Manufacturer: Ekelund

Categories: Home textiles • Hand towels & Tea towels • Moomin towels

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