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Moomin Hilda-tunic Buttercup, red

Tranquil Moomin Hilda Leinikki tunic with ¾-lenght sleeves and pockets at the sides. The deep and rich colors of the illustration on wine red base color. In the gorgeous illustration the characters in Moominvalley are admiring the colorful flowers.

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59.90 €

Moomin women's Hilda tunic Hemulens, violet

Beautiful woman's colorful purple lilac Moomin tunic for joyous and colorful days!

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59.90 €

HuiGee reflective beanie Groke, black/grey 2 sizes

HuiGee reflecting beanie the Groke, black/grey 2 sizes

HuiGee's popular domestic tricot beanies now with a reflective Moomin the Groke -printing. The printing is neutral silver grey and it shines in the dark, reflecting the light as a light shines on it.

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23.90 €

Organic Shop White tea body butter 250ml

Organic Shop White tea body cream 250ml

White tea body butter is made from the magical combination of shea butter and white tea that makes your skin feel smooth and moisturized.

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9.90 €

Coruu Groke earrings, light grey

Gorgeous light earrings made silicone that are shaped to look like Groke.

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19.90 €

Moomin small snow globe, Moominhouse

Moomin small snow globe, Moomin house

Sweet, adorable little snowglobe with plenty of lovely details. 

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12.90 €