Play&Go Children's carpet play mat / toy bag Penguin

Product Code: PLA003-PG040

Play&Go Children's carpet play mat / toy bag Penguin

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Quilted and cushioned Play&Go (120cm) that is perfect as a baby's play mat due to its softness. The material is comfy and soft 100% cotton with an interior layer made of 2cm polyester.

After playtime is over, cleaning up will be done in no time: gather the toys on the mat and tighten the strings that turns the mat into a stylish storing bag! Play & Go is a simple and effective option for home's storage problems; this product will make the daily life of a family with kids a lot easier.

  • The product has detachable and adjustable carrying handles that can be to the pushing handle of the child pram.
  • The tightening strings have their own little protective casing bag so that the baby doesn't get entagled in them
  • Diameter: 140cm
  • Material: cotton-polyester

Manufacturer: Play&Go

Categories: Toys & Games

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