Opi ja Iloitse -pair posters for children, bunny prices 7.90-24.90€

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Learn and Be Happy - pair poster prices start from 15.90e

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Lovely and fun kids' pair posters. Suitable for example in the children's room or as a gift. Add a little spark to your home's interior design. The pairs are available in sizes A4 and A3 or you can buy only one of the posters in sizes A3 and A4. 

Translation of the text poster: "Careful, friendly, observant, soft, sweet - bunny".

The posters are printed on a silky and sturdy pasteboard with a slightly warm white base color. The warm base color fits better in almost any home, since it doesn't have the blue tinge that regular pure white color has. We are using Finnish cardboard.

  • A4 (21x29,7cm)
  • A3 (29,7x42cm)
  • Text is written in Finnish
  • When selecting posters: Pair of posters = Parijuliste, Text poster = Tekstijuliste, Art poster = Taidejuliste
  • Made in Finland

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