Moomin Hattifatteners big lamp 60cm

Product Code: ANG092-MM37178

Moomin Hattifatteners huge light lamp 60cm

Huge, showy Hattifattener table lamp brings the lovely relaxing atmosphere to your home.

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Big Hattifattener-lamp is the perfect interior decor for both living room and the children's room. This Moomin-lamp looks gorgeous even in a business premises to give the customers something interesting to watch. The huge Hattifattaners-lamp will surely catch many curious and admiring glances.

  • Height: 60cm
  • The lamp can be turned on by pressing a ound switch at the bottom of the lamp or by pressing the "ON" -switch on the remote that comes with the lamp
  • The lamp has 8 different brightness leves
  • The lamp has a memory function that remembers the same brightness-level that it had the last time it was used
  • Instruction manual in Finnish, Swedish and English
  • The product comes with reloadable lithium battery
  • usage voltage DC 3,7V, max. current 2,9W.

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