Ekelund Moomin Joy throw blanket 140x170cm

Product Code: EKE094-JOY

Ekelund Moomin Joy nap blanket 140x170cm.

The star of all throw blankets with lovely Moomintrolls.

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This must surely be the world's softest brushed cotton throw blanket. The throw allows you to keep napping or sleeping peacefully as it warms you during cool evenings. Ekelund's guaranteed quality for over ten generations.

The blanket has many kinds of Moomintroll-characters. Ekelund's blankets are made by traditionally weaving which means that the pictures are also woven, as EKelund does not practise mass production. Ekelund's products are also GOTS-certified, which guarantees that the products are made both ecologically and ethically.

  • Size of the throw: 140x170cm (suitable for adults as well)
  • Color: white/ dark grey
  • Material: 100% brushed organic cotton

Check here to see a matching pillow cover!

Manufacturer: Ekelund

Categories: Home textiles 

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