Frame white/glass A3 / 29,7x42cm

Product Code: ART003-VALKOINEN

High-quality frame for our A3-sized posters.

Dignified-looking painted white wooden frame with a glass.

12.90 €

In stock

We have plenty of A3-sized posters in our selection and now you can get quality frames for them at the same time! The frames are made in Estonia.

We have made these frames to fit our posters perfectly.

  • You can choose from 3 different frame colors: oak, black and white
  • The color of this frame is white
  • Material: wood/glass
  • Size A3 / 29,7x42cm

Check here to see all of our picture/poster frames. At the same time you can go see our A3 poster selection.

Manufacturer: Ihanaiset

We ship worldwide! • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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