Gorjuss™ small wallet, Seven sisters

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Gorjuss™ small wallet, Seven sisters

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Touching Seven Sisters design, with tender colours, that remind you of spring and summer. The colours of this wallet will make you smile!

Santoro's wallets are all given finishing touches by hand so every product is completely unique. There may be slight differences between the products' coloring.

Gorjuss™ has melted many hearts all around the world. Artist Suzanne Woolcott is a scottish artist, whose Gorjuss-themed paintings have been seen around the world in different exhibitions. Santoro London manufactures all the Gorjuss products with a genuine licence. 

  • The wallet opens with a snap fastener
  • A separate coin pocket opens with a zipper
  • 8 card slots one of which is windowed
  • Lots of space for bank notes and receipts
  • Measurements: 14,5 x 9 cm 
  • Material: high-quality faux leather

Manufacturer: Santoro London

Categories: Handbags & Accessories • Wallets & Purses

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