Moomin tapestry purse/ neck pouch, Moominpappa reading

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Moomin tapestry purse/ neck pouch, Moominpappa on a tree

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Gorgeous purse/ pouch made from tapestry fabric that comes with a neck strap. The purse is perfect for a passport, keys and even a phone (Max. measurements 12x6cm, t.ex. Iphone SE). The pouch closes with a zipper.

The illustrations on the pouches are based on Tove Jansson's original artwork and they have Moomin Characters' licence. The illustrations are beautiful and the black and white coloring goes well together with many different outfits and styles. Give it as a gift to your beloved one or a friend!

Aurora Decorari uses only high-quality tapestry fabric, woven by Jacquard technique, in their pillow covers, bags, pouches and other small items. This pillow cover brings together centuries old craftsmanship skills and modern innovations and designs. Dry cleaning or water wash in 30C degrees. Tapstry woven fabric with a zipper.

  • Measurements: 12,5x15cm
  • Total lenght of the neck strap 84cm (folded/ doubled over 42cm)
  • Material: 49% polyester, 37% cotton, 11% acrylic, 3% rayon

Manufacturer: Aurora Decorari

Categories: Wallets, purses & cases • Moomin handbags & purses

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