Moomin ecological shopper bag "Suuria ihmeitä"

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Moomin ecological shopping bag "Great miracles"

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Now is at the latest the perfect time to leave those plastic bags in the stores and get your own ecological shopper bag, since this bag doesn't just charm you: it also saves nature. Many lovely saying are heard coming from the Moomins mouths and now you can enjoy them on every shopping trip.

A printed text on the bag: "Maailma on täynnä suuria ihmeitä sille, joka on valmis ottamaan niitä vastaan" (translation: The world is full of big miracles for those who are ready to receive them"). The quote is said by Moominpappa in Tove Jansson's book "Moominpappa at Sea".

  • This bag has been made with GOTS certification 
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Measurements: Width 37cm, height 40cm

Save money and the nature and start using resable bags now. You can find the same bag with different texts. Check all of them here.

Manufacturer: Putinki

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