Moomin by Mozo slim office backpack, black

Product Code: MOZ013-BLACK

Moomin by Mozo slim office backpack, black

Cushioned backpack, designed for office use with gorgeous Moomin illustrations.

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MOZO is a finnish enterprise which has worked with Moomin Characters to create a wonderful Moomin-themed collection. Get to know all ofter products, such as Moomin bags and backpacks.

Stylish bag with what you can easily carry your laptop and other items for work safely. The zipper goes to the down low so that it's easier to take the  laptop or tablet out of the backpack. There's a pocket for tiny items and two pockets with zippers on the outside. Cushioned and adjustable shoulder straps enhance the comfortability and practicality as you walk or cycle. High-quality backpack can endure many adventures, not to mention the lovely Moomin characters which will liven up your work day immediatelly.

Check here to see the same backpack in grey!

  • Made in Europe, designed in Finland
  • Waterproof polyester that protects the back from rain
  • Separate comparment for a laptop so other items can stay safely in order in the other part 
  • Height: 38cm, widht 28cm, depth 6cm

Manufacturer: Moomin by Mozo

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