Moomin Eco Bag Moominpappa, blue

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Moomin Eco Bag Moominpappa, blue

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Forget the expensive and wasteful plastic bags and get yourself a long-time reusable bag for your shopping trips. Showroom Finland's Moomin eco bags are made from durable nylon and they have a small pocket inside, in which you can fold the entire bag into when you're not using it and easily carry it along in your bag when necessary.

Moomin characters delight both yourself and the passerbys on the streets. Which character is your favorite? Let the different colors shine along with you. Lovely lightweight Moomin ecological bags can easily be taken along with you.

  • Measurements: The size of the open bag: 45 x 40cm, when folded into it's pocket: 11 x 10 x 2cm
  • The bag is folded five times and then tightened with the carrying handles, rolled small and stuffed into its pocket

Manufacturer:  Showroom Finland Oy

Categories: Shoppers & Tote bags • Handbags & Wallets • Moomin handbags & purses

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