House of Disaster Boulevard Florist wallet with a wrist strap

Product Code: DIS310-BOUWALFLO

House of Disaster Boulevard Florist wallet with a wrist strap

Lovely Boulevard-series brings a fresh breeze from a park-like little town to your accessories and clothing. 

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Boulevard-series portrays the spirit and mood of a little town with all its beautiful boutiques and parks. The series shows a vintage spirit in a tranquil setting.

A lovely flower shop full of flowers and other ornament plants. You can use the bag as a clutch bag and you don't need to take along anything more than cards an money. With the wrist strap, carrying this lovely bag is almost effortless!

  • The wallet has 6 card slots, one of them is windowed
  • A pocket with a zipper on the side for coins 
  • An envelope shaped slot for important papers on the inside that closes with a snap fastener
  • Behind the card slots there's a slot for bank notes 
  • Measurements: 19,5x12x3cm
  • Material: Quality faux leather

Manufacturer: Disaster Designs

Categories: Handbags & Wallets • Wallets & Purses

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