Caamoz drybag 5l Moomin, white

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Caamoz drybag 5l Moomin, white

Moomin-themed waterproof Moomin by Caamoz -bags are well-suited for sailing, hiking, outdoors sports and any sport where the weather is not stopping you. Practical bag will keep all your items and gadgets dry during the trip. Stylish bag can also be used in everyday city-life. 5L-sized drybag is a good size for children's hobbies but looks good on an adult as well. From our selection you can find a 15L-sized drybag as well.  

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Caamoz bags are waterproof bags that are suitable for many uses. Do you need a bag for cycling, outdoors or sailing? This waterproof bag will keep your essentials safe and dry. 

Finnish top designers merge Moomin's unique brand to the newest street-fashion. The colours are always-as-stylish black and white and every bag has a golden text on them. Some of the bags have black on black -print, meaning that the the glossy black print pops up from the stylish matte black base colour. The unfading print covers the entire fabric.

The quality is checked by a group of professionals with a decades of experience from sailing, diving, hiking and climbing. Thermal die-cutting ensures neat. tight and durable seams. The zipper on the shoulder bag is waterproof and all the loops, straps, tighteners, locks are made from POM-plastic. The shoulder straps are made from durable nylon.

  • Material is toxic-free matte PVC-Tarpaulin
  • A waterproof zipper keeps the insides of the bag dry
  • Inside a translucent pocket with a zipper 
  • Adjustable carrying strap is made from durable nylon
  • Oval shape on the bottom makes this products unique and easy to carry
  • The product will be delivered in its stylish gift box
  • Matta black base colour with shining black and golden print 
  • Measurements: Size: 5 Liter 39cm x 21cm x 13cm

Brand: Caamoz

Categories: Moomin bags & purses

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