Caamoz black Little My waterproof shoulder bag

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Caamoz black Little My shoulder bag

Stylish street-fashion bag is perfect for beach, shopping and sailing.

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Caamoz bags are waterproof bags that are suitable for many uses. Do you need a bag for cycling, outdoors or sailing? This waterproof bag will keep your essentials safe and dry. 

Finnish top designers merge Moomin's unique brand to the newest street-fashion. The colours are always-as-stylish black and white and every bag has a golden text on them. Some of the bags have black on black -print, meaning that the the glossy black print pops up from the stylish matte black base colour. The unfading print covers the entire fabric.

The quality is checked by a group of professionals with a decades of experience from sailing, diving, hiking and climbing. Thermal die-cutting ensures neat. tight and durable seams. The zipper on the shoulder bag is waterproof and all the loops, straps, tighteners, locks are made from POM-plastic. The shoulder straps are made from durable nylon.

  • Material is toxic-free matte PVC-Tarpaulin
  • Stylish multi-colour printing covers the entire bag
  • A waterproof zipper keeps the insides of the bag dry
  • Inside a translucent pocket with a zipper 
  • Carrying handles/straps are durable nylon
  • 13 inch laptop can be fitted inside 
  • Will be delivered in a stylish gift box
  • Measurements: 33x34x15cm, capacity 10l

Brand: Caamoz

Categories: Moomin bags & purses

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