Affenzahn children's small club backpack, green frog

Product Code: AFF002-AFZ-NES-001-014

Affenzahn child's kid's little club or pre-school backpack, green frog

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Heartwarming Affenzahn products are ecologically and responsibly manufactured. The products are made in Vietnam and the material is PET-polyester which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Ergonomic backpack are perfect for hobbies, pre-school or trips. Affenzahn backpacks also have a funny tongue that can be pulled out and the owner's name can be written on it.

  • Lovely details
  • Adjustable chest strap that is easy to open and close
  • The reflectors on the backpack help others to see you in the dark
  • ​A carrying handle on top of the backpack
  • Soft cushioning on the shoulders
  • Size: 17x11x25 cm
  • Weight: approx. 200 g

Manufacturer: Affenzahn

Categories: Children's bags & accessories

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