Baylis & Harding Pink Magnolia & Pear Blossom -bath soak 500 ml

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Baylis & Harding Pink Magnolia & Pear Blossom -bath gel 500 ml

Baylis & Harding wishes to bring a touch of luxury with an inexpensive price to everyday handwashing- and showering moments.

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Baylis & Harding is English bath- and body care products brand that has long traditions in its home country and it's one of the most popular hand soap brands! From the many product lines you can find your favorite to every home. Beautiful packaging and charming-scented products will please all your senses.

Bath soak that has the scent of clean and light flowers moisturizes your skin and bring a hint of luxury to every bathign moment.

  • Size: 500ml
  • Shower your skin, rub the shower gel in between your hands or a scrub glove until it foams. Wash and enjoy its charming scent. Dry carefully. Leaves the sweet scent on your skin for a long time, Can be used for washing hands as well.

Manufacturer: Baylis & Harding 

Categories: Cosmetics & Housekeeping • Body care

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