Pippi Longstocking tunic-dress Octopus 86-122cm, yellow

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Pippi Longstocking tunic-dress Octopus 86-122cm, yellow

Cheerful A-line dress-tunic with a lovely detail: a pocket on a one side.

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Pippi Longstocking is the world's strongest girl, who is independent, brisk and very brave. She lives in Villa Villekulla as the neighbour of Tommy and Annika, but she experienced many adventures around the world with her father. Pippi's father is a buccaneer captain and the king of a South seas, so Pippi is used to sailing and adventuring in the most imaginative places.  Sea and all the animals are very dear to Pippi, but octopuses are also her friends. On this gorgeous design there are adorable octopuses and pictures of Pippi when she's sitting with Mr. Nilsson. Playful illustration delights both children and adults!

  • Short sleeves
  • Turned sleeve cuffs
  • A-line
  • A pocket on the side with a cute crinkles
  • High-quality and durable reactive printing that covers the entire fabric
  • The material is pleasantly soft and ecologic organic cotton tricot fabric
  • Made according to the Oeko-Tex standards
  • Bright yellow base colour with pictures of Pippi and octopuses
  • Material: 95 % organic cotton, 5 % elastane
  • Wash: 40C degrees

Manufacturer: Martinex

Categories: Children's clothing • Children's dresses & tunics

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