Moomin magenta flower baby's body suit

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Moomin purppurankukka baby's body suit

Adorable Little My and Moomitroll -themed babies' body suit.

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Little My and Moomintroll have received a new style as they can be found from this adorable, reddish-hued design. Moomins are in the middle of the burgundy and maroon flowers. The illustration is based on the newest Moomin animation -series.

  • Material: 95 % organic cotton 5 % elastane
  • Long sleeves
  • Snaps on the shoulders make dressing up easier
  • A white Moomin-label on the side seam
  • Folding at the sides of the lower bag allows more space for a diaper and makes wearing the body suit more comfortable
  • Three snap fasteners at the crotch
  • Wash in 40 °C degrees, no tumble dry

Manufacturer: Martinex

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