Moomin children's shirt Tricks, petrol

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Moomin child's shirt Jekut, petrol

Grr!... Beware! A shirt filled with funny Stinkys. Where is Stinky going to peek from next?

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Stinky is fast at his actions and this shirt he is everywhere. At the front there's a text: Grr... Beware!, that tells that you better be alert, since you'll never know what Stinky is up to next. This character of Moominvalley is almost always up to no good and planning new tricks.

Match it with funny Moomin Stinky -jersey pants.

  • Long sleeves and ribbings at the sleeve-ends
  • The ribbing at the hem makes the shirt more firm
  • Funny, slightly interestingly graphic design
  • Material: 95 % organic cotton 5 % elastane
  • Wash in 40 °C degrees turned inside out. No tumble dry.

Manufacturer: Martinex

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