Moomin children's jersey trousers Stinky, petrol

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Moomin child's sweatpants / college pants Stinky, petrol

Funny Stinky is charming everyone on these trousers.

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Petrol blue, comfortable pants for everyday happenings or planning some tricks. Stinky is a known trickster of Moominvalley. Do you happen to have your own Stinky fan in your house?

It's a pleasure to go to kids' club, daycare or for visiting family or friends. Match these with a funny Stinky shirt.

  • A string for tightening at the waist
  • Loose, comfortable design
  • One pant leg has a soft puff-printing 
  • The shape of the design on the knees make the pants more comfortable and they fit better 
  • Soft jersey
  • Material: 60 % cotton 35 % polyester 5 % elastane
  • Wash in 40 °C degrees turned inside out. No tumble dry.

Manufacturer: Martinex

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